Monday, May 16, 2011

HRNM and MacArthur Team Up on "The Hunter, Hunted, and Homefront"

One of the goals of the Virginia World War II Heritage Alliance is to promote through public outreach programs.  Although each of the Alliance partners offers excellent educational programs to both schools and the general public, two of the Alliance partners (The MacArthur Memorial and The Hampton Roads Naval Museum) have conducted a joint public program for the last five years, titled "The Hunter, Hunted, and the Homefront."

With a strong emphasis on geography and its influence on history, HRNM Educators teach students about the involvement of attack submarines in the Pacific during World War II. Using periscopes, students become submarine captains and identify hostile targets as they learn about the historic events of World War II.

The MacArthur Memorial provides a close-up view of General Douglas MacArthur’s role in the Pacific war as well as the importance of home front mobilization in support of the war’s front lines.

Both institutions will be traveling to Gildersleeve Middle School in Newport News, VA this Friday to conduct the program for their 7th grade class.